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Al Moe

Sitting Out the Shoe

By August 14, 2011

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When you play blackjack, do you ever sit out a shoe? You know, when the cards get crappy and you just can't make a hand?

This sitting out the entire shoe is a bone of contention with both players and dealers. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with missing a few hands, but sitting out for fifty hands of blackjack seems pretty extreme.

If you are counting cards, sitting out the bad shoes is a great defense, but won't make you any friends. And, floor supervisors and pit bosses may snap to your play quicker than if you just flat bet the bad shoes. However...

If you really want to miss some hands, leave your chips and walk away for a few minutes. Nobody minds if a player leaves for a bit, and it doesn't look like you are doing anything weird.

As far as blackjack etiquette goes, sitting out a long time, or jumping in and then sitting out and jumping in again is frowned upon. Regardless of what the shoe (or deck) contains, a losing player will tell you that your in-and-out pattern is disrupting the card flow.

In general, players these days are much more accommodating to each other. I often hear player's ask, "can I get in, or would you like me to wait?" That's nice. Years ago players rarely asked "permission" to get their money in action. I think that's a good thing!


August 29, 2011 at 5:27 pm
(1) Roger F. says:

How about convincing others to sit out for a few hands (or more). We all have our stories of stupid 21 plays but it sure would be nice to tell other players who don’t have a clue to “take a break”.

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