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Good and Bad Points of Casino Jobs

By November 25, 2012

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Casinos, like every work place, have their own good and bad points. Twenty years ago you could go to a casino, get drunk, blow-off steam, and harass the dealer to your heart's desire. Not so, today, although some players still think that anything goes because well, it's a casino, dude." Which is an actual comment I heard this weekend as a group of fairly intoxicated players screamed at the top of their lungs every hand.

Sorry guys, it's not a football game. I also realize it's not a library, but nobody wants to hear you yell every hand, f-bomb the dealer, or tell your buddies about how you just got lucky at the table and upstairs in your room. If you have to, fake it that you have a little class! The dealers put up with enough as it is, especially from the smokers who have no regard whatsoever for the future health of those around them.

Many casinos have great benefits, good promotion opportunities, and pretty good work conditions. In fact, many employees work their way into the table games department and stay there because they learn how to be great blackjack dealers and know they have a great job. Some can't handle the pressure, the noise, the smoke, the interaction with their bosses and co-workers or those ever-present players, but most find the job fun and exciting.

When things are right, a good crew of table game employees are a self-contained unit. They share jokes, form friendships, find spouses, play in rec-leagues like bowling and softball (often with the casino paying the fees), and will know each other for a lifetime. That's pretty special. And, they get to laugh about the players who do funny things like doubling on a hard 16, betting black and red on a single spin of the roulette wheel, and listening to advice (from the guy standing up who has already lost all of his money) on how to play their cards and their money - which almost always results in a loss of more chips.

Yeah, as job go, you could do worse.


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