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Spending Your Christmas Bonus

By December 5, 2012

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If you get a Christmas bonus this year, well good for you. My informal poll (20 people employed in differing businesses) shows 55 percent get something. Obviously 45 percent got nothing, that's pretty bad. On the bonus side the worst was a free turkey. The best was 10 percent of their base pay, because the business hit all their budget projections. However, the overall worst was a place that gave nothing at Christmas, and no raise this year, even after the company hit all their projections. That stinks.

I don't think of a Christmas bonus as something designed to retain employees. I see it as a year-end thank-you for your help keeping the business running all year - and that means even a business that didn't make all their goals should be sharing something, or they really are Scrooge's.

Now whether you got a bonus or not, you might be considering playing a little at the casino this holiday season. So, keep in mind that casinos tend to be generous (to their players) at this time of year. I've gotten several free play, free match play, free night stay, and free slot play coupons. Apparently the casinos need my bucks this year, and I'll probably oblige. The most interesting one I've gotten so far is for $100 in free slot play and I'm not sure how to approach it.

The deal is this: I get to play as long as I want on one machine of any denomination from 2-cents to $1. When I decide to quit, I get to keep anything I've won, or they rebate back to me anything I have lost, up to $100. I can't decide whether to play $1 video poker where I could win $4000 on a royal for free, but won't last more than a few minutes, or 25-cent video poker, where I'm likely to last an hour enjoying carefree play and will probably end-up getting my money back at the player's club. HMMM.

Online Poker Bonus

If you are able to play cash games online, this is a good time to join a poker site. The competition is getting heavier as European sites see the US market turning finally to soon-to-be-legalized intra-state games and they want to impress those of us in the States before it's too late. Clearing an online poker bonus takes time. You won't be able to do it quickly, but if you get a $100 bonus at work, you can deposit it and get double that at William Hill. So, $100 gets $200 in bonus.

If you've never tried to clear a bonus, you only get your original deposit to start with, but as you play more hands, the site continually adds available cash from your cleared bonus to your playing account. It's not that hard, but the US government currently say's you can't play (WHAAAA). That's going to change soon, and besides, some people are already playing!


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