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After Christmas Casino Credit

By December 26, 2012

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Like so many people, I've been known to spend a little too much at Christmas time. You know, decking the halls, hanging the holly, buying important things like Ipads and computers, so the day after Christmas, well, that's a time to reflect on what has passed, like my cash. Fortunately, most casinos let you float a little money. I've used my credit to prop-up my bankroll from time to time, taking a marker, playing some blackjack, and then walking with the cash and not paying it back for a few weeks! No interest, no problems, but the casinos don't really like it too much. Of course I always get even before the end of the month.

If you have never used casino credit, you can consider it an easy and convienient way to get cash at a casino. It's safe, but only as safe as you make it! Many casinos will let you establish credit and then you can cash a check at the cage and buy it back at the end of the day - or you can take markers (draw chips at the tables) on your credit and then pay that off later.

Former NFL star Joey Porter was in the news this week for being held after a traffic stop for theft and check fraud. That's a real gray area these days. He used his casino credit at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas and lost $70,000. There's nothing wrong with that. When you've had $7 million dollar contracts, casinos don't mind issuing you credit. And, there's nothing wrong with owing the money. However, he let the debt slide too long. With that amount, the casino is going to try for several months to collect, but then the checks go to the bank and if they don't clear, boom - check fraud and theft.

Porter paid the $70,000 and was released, no big deal, but there's still a lesson there. Any amount owed can be sent for collection, and no mater how much credit you have, you have to treat it with respect. So, when you do establish credit at your casino, remember it's still real money! Don't blow the groceries and half the rent on a gambling spree.


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