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New Slot Machines


We have all heard the expression, “Variety is the Spice of life.”

If this is true, then slot players are in for one tasty year. In September the Gaming Industry held its annual trade show in Las Vegas. The Global Gaming Expo is where slot makers introduce the new games that they have developed to the casino executive in hopes of getting them onto the casino floor. This year there was a record number of new games on display at the Expo. Many of these will find their way to a casino near you.

Some will become hits, while others may sit idle and soon find their way to the scrap heap. An idle slot machine takes up valuable Real Estate on the casino floor and will not be around long because it is unprofitable to keep it.

There was a time when the casinos could expect to get a few years of play form each new machine they purchased. Now many of them come and go within nine months to a year. A slot game based a hot TV show or fad may find itself outdated before making it to the floor or soon after if the show or fad loses popularity. Many of the new games this year are still based on the entertainment industry with a touch of nostalgia.

From the television industry we see games based on the Shows; Saturday Night Live M*A*S*H, Twilight Zone, Laverne and Shirley, Gilligan’s Island, The Price is Right, and That Girl, to name a few.

Slots based on movies include Star Wars, Chicago, Young Frankenstein, Terminator, Animal House, and American Graffiti. The slot makers have a daunting task to continuously produce new games searching for the hit game that will capture the fancy and hearts of the slot players, making it popular and profitable enough to stay around for several years.

I personally feel that games based on TV shows or movies may have some nostalgic appeal but I wonder how many of the non-Baby Boomer Generation really cares about playing a slot machine that is based on a TV show that was popular when they were born. Only time will tell if these slots can withstand the test of time. I think the new original games have a much better chance to gain the popularity of the players.

Until next time, remember:
"Luck comes and goes...Knowledge stays forever."

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