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Come Basics

by Larry Edell

Many new Crapshooters don’t understand come bets, but they really are very simple - and profitable! A come bet is like a pass line bet, but it is made after the pass line point is established. You would place your bet in the come box and the next point that the shooter rolls becomes your personal point, and if the shooter makes it you win. If he rolls a seven before your point repeats, then you lose your bet. The other rules of a pass line bet also apply to the come bet. While your bet is in the come box, a 7 or 11 will win, and a 2, 3 or 12 will lose. And as with a pass line bet, you can not remove your bet once it is placed.

The real difference between the pass and come bets is the strategy involved in order to produce favorable results. Many come bet players are more experienced and depend on using hefty odds to produce a hefty profit, so the bankroll involved is higher than that of a regular pass line player.

Come bets also can signify which numbers repeat so players can make multiple bets on these numbers, instead of being confined to only one point number on the pass line. Let’s look at an example. The pass line point is six, and you put a green chip ($25) on the come line. The next roll is an eight, so your bet moves to the eight, which becomes your personal point. Now you can add odds to your bet. Most casinos allow at least 2X odds ($50). If the shooter rolls another eight, you will win your bet you get a total of $85 - $25 from your flat bet and $60 from your odds bet. However, if he rolls a seven before the eight rolls, you lose your bet.

It is interesting to note that if you have your $25 on the come line and a seven rolls, you will win your bet, but the players on the pass line will lose theirs, as their pass line point of six had already been established.

Conversely it is possible for the shooter to make his six point and leave your come bet on the eight up for the next come out. In this instance, you’ll have the opportunity of calling the odds portion of your bet ‘on’ or ‘off’ for the pass line come out point. If your odds bet is ‘on’ and the shooter rolls a seven, you’ll lose your bet. If he rolls an eight then you’ll win.

Most come players usually call their leftover come bets ‘on’ if they have two or more come bets. If they have just one come bet, it is called off. This is because the combination of two or more points will roll equal to or more than the seven, while any one point number will roll less than the seven does.

There is one last thing about come bets you should know, which is an “Off and On” bet. You can keep placing come bets on every roll, so if you already have a bet on the eight you can place another come bet. Now, let’s say the eight rolls again and you win. Normally the dealer will pay off your come bet and remove it, and then move the new bet to the eight box and add your odds to it. To make this a lot easier, the dealer will look at you and ask, “Off and On?”

This means he will leave your old bet up, with the same odds, take your new come bet, and pay you for your win. It just makes everything a lot easier for both the dealer and the player. Come bets are a Crapshooter’s way of increasing profits while betting on the “hot” numbers of the table. Next time you play, give come bets a try!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!

Larry Edell is the Editor of The Crapshooter Newsletter and author of two craps books and numerous articles about the game of craps. I have been a subscriber to his newsletter since 1995. In 1996 I met Larry at a Gaming Convention and was impressed with his passion and knowledge of the game. Larry's monthly articles appear here as a regular feature. If you would like a free copy of The Crapshooter Newsletter send two first class stamps to The Crapshooter, Dept. , PO Box 421440, San Diego CA 92142. You’ll Also receive a FREE catalog and a special FREE offer!

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