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Learning Casino Poker

I started this series in January 2000 to document my progress as I learned to Play Texas Hold'em. These are the original articles I wrote as I went along and some of the references may be a little dated. 

From The Kitchen To The Card Room - Part One
Would you like to learn how to play casino poker? Most of us have played poker at home. Playing in the casino poker rooms is very different. I will be sharing my experiences with you as I make the transition to the casino poker rooms.

Learning Casino Poker - Getting Started - Part Two
Learning any casino game is easier if you have the right tools. Here is what you need to learn how to play casino poker.

Texas Hold'em - How The Game is Played - Part Three
Limit Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular casino poker games. Here is how to play it.

Who's Got The Button? - Part Four
In Texas Hold'em you position in relation to the dealer button is most important. Here is how it relates to the starting hands you can play.

Casino Poker Lessons - Part Five
Taking part in free poker lessons offered by the casino is a good way to learn the proper procedures of the games. Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut is a great place to learn.

Starting Hands For Texas Hold'em  - Part Six
The most important decision a player will make in Hold'em is deciding which hands to play. Most players lose because they play too many hands.

Tournament Time  - Part Seven
Playing in a low limit poker tournament can be an excellent learning experience. You can practice table etiquette and protocol without risking a lot of money.

Playing In The Poker Room  - Part Eight
When you visit the poker room you can't just sit down at a table. Here are some points you need to know to join a casino poker game.

The Final Table  - Part Nine
Making it to the final table in a poker tournament is exciting. Winning it all is an experience like no other. It can be done.

Flop It - Fit or Fold It -Part Ten
In Texas Hold'em the flop defines your hand. Part ten of the Learning Casino Poker series looks at how to decide whether you should continue with your hand or fold it.

Bad Beats  - Part Eleven
A bad beat in poker is when you have a good hand that is a favorite to win beaten by another hand. Bad beats are a normal part of poker that a good player learns to accept. Why complain about it?

Practicing Poker Online - Twelve
Some people argue that there is no value in playing free online poker. With the right attitude it can be useful. Here are some of the reasons why.

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