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Birth Of A Poker Room
Las Vegas Club

Las Vegas Club

Photograph by Bill Burton, copyright 2000, licensed toAbout.com, Inc.

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On Friday January 19th at 3:45 the first hand of poker was dealt in the newest card room in downtown Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Club. I had the opportunity to play on the inaugural day and the following morning I sat down and talked with Poker Room Manager, Peter Bianchi to find out more information about card room.

The decision to open a card room at the Las Vegas Club was made a few months ago by LVC Manager John Strauss II. He contacted Peter and they looked at the poker scene downtown. At the time, live poker was only being played at Binion's and the Plaza. They felt the time was right to open a room at the Las Vegas Club.

As Poker Room Manager, Peter brings over 22 years of experience with him to the Las Vegas Club. He came to Las Vegas in 1979 and worked as a dealer at the Dunes. He worked his way up though the ranks. In 1992 he opened the Poker room at the Sands. More recently he has been shift supervisor at the Texas Station and Santa Fe poker rooms. Pete was very enthusiastic when he spoke about the games being offered and the plans for the future.

At this time the games offered are $4-$8 Texas Hold'em with $1 and $2 blinds. There is a half kill on this game meaning that if a player wins two pots in a row the limit goes to $6-$12 for the next hand. They are also dealing $1 - $4 Seven-Card Stud. Both games are "Jackpot" games but instead of a "Bad Beat" jackpot they are offering a high hand award. There is a jackpot for each four-of-a-kind from Deuces to Aces along with another jackpot for each straight flush from 5 high up to a Royal flush. There is a separate jackpot for a Royal flush in each of the four suits. All the jackpots are reset to $20 when they are hit.

The poker room is conveniently located in an alcove by the main bar in the casino. It is actually where the casino manager's office used to be. They tore down the walls and put in three poker tables to get started. They have a couple more on order. Eventually the poker room may move to the back to be a little closer to the Sports Book.

I enjoyed the time I spent playing in the poker room this last weekend. The staff and dealers are friendly and efficient. They kept things going at smooth and lively pace. Considering this was the first few days, the fact that there were no problems or miscues is a testament to their professionalism. I make it a point to spend a few nights downtown when I visit Las Vegas. For the last couple years I have been staying at the Las Vegas Club. They have a good selection of video poker machines, liberal blackjack rules, a Sports Book and now they offer poker as well.

Last weekend was the "soft opening" of the poker room. When they started the games on Friday afternoon they thought they would deal until the game broke up and then close for the night. The game never stopped and was still going well into Sunday night. The official "Grand Opening" will be this Saturday January 27th. There will be a Charity Tournament to kick things off in the afternoon. Stop by and check out the newest Poker Room in town.

For further details, assistance, and more information, please call Pete Bianchi or ask for a Floor person.
The Las Vegas Club is located at Fremont & Main Street (Across from Union Plaza)
800-634-6532 - 702 385-1664

Until next time, remember:
"Luck comes and goes...Knowledge stays forever."

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