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Tipping Casino Dealers

Part 2: Methods For Tipping

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by Guide Bill Burton

Tipping is a very personal thing. Some players don't tip at all and other players over tip. If dealer is being friendly and trying to make sure you are having an enjoyable experience it is customary to leave them some sort of tip. There are players who think tipping the dealers will have an affect on whether they win or lose so they will over tip. This is not the case. The only affect over tipping will have is to guarantee that you will leave the table with less money than if you did not over tip. You are playing a negative expectation game and if you do win you don't want to giveaway the majority of it in tips. Many players will tip big when they are winning only to eventually end up with a losing session when they leave the table because they gave away too much in tips.

There are several ways you can tip a dealer. You can give the dealer a tip directly. This is usually done when you are leaving the table after a session of play. The most favorable way to tip the dealer is to make a bet for them. This makes them feel like they are part of the game. Dealers like to win; making a bet for them gives a little excitement in what can be a pretty tedious job at times.

One way to place a bet for the dealer is to put a chip next to yours on the layout. It does not have to be equal to your bet. If you are playing at a five dollar (or any denomination) table you can make any size bet for the dealer. I have one problem with using this method to tip. When you place the bet next to yours and it wins, the dealer takes the win AND the original bet you made for them. I have a betting method that I prefer to use to tip the dealers, which gives them a chance at a bigger tip.

When I'm playing blackjack I will usually tip about once an hour. I like to do this fairly early in the session provided the dealer is friendly. Instead of placing the dollar next to my bet, I put the dollar bet on top of my bet and tell the dealer they are "Riding on my coattails." This means if the bet wins they get to keep the dollar win but the original dollar on top of my bet stays there. This gives them a chance for another win. I tell them it's a perpetual tip. As long as it wins they win. If I win several hands in a row the dealer benefits form this more than a single bet placed on the side.

When I am playing craps and it is my turn to shoot I will bet for the dealers right away. I will put a bet on top of mine and put them on my coattails. Craps dealers are very astute and they can help you out. If you are making the same bets and forget to make one of them or forget to take odds on your passline bet they will remind you. This is one game where tipping the dealers CAN help you out a little. Another way to bet for the dealers in craps is to make a bet for them on the hardways or other proposition bet. But they know the passline has the best odds and most prefer that bet.

Whether you tip or not is up to you, however we need to remember that the dealers are human beings with feelings just like you and me. They are not out to get you! If you do lose please don't abuse the dealers. It's not their fault if Lady Luck decided to abandon you. They are only the messengers. Please, "Don't Shoot the Messenger!"

Until next time, remember:
"Luck comes and goes...Knowledge stays forever."

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