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PokerSchool Online
PokerSchool Online

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PokerSchool Website

For many people, learning is made easier when they can enroll in a course at a community college or attend a workshop dedicated to the subject they want to learn. Unfortunately, if the subject you want to learn about is poker, there are not many schools that teach Poker 101. At least I have never seen this course taught at any of my local schools.

That means that if you want to learn to play poker you will have to study on your own. Some players attend the "School of Hard Knocks" and learn while playing the game. However, getting your education at the table can be a very expensive way to do this. When I learned the game I did so by reading and practicing with tutorial software. I documented my efforts here on this site as I went along. It was very effective but a little slower because I did not have the opportunity to play and practice with others online.

All this has changed with the opening of PokerSchool Online, which began teaching classes in January 2002. Mark and Tina Napolitano, founders of PokerPages.com developed PokerSchool Online to further help players learn the game. Last year Poker Pages was the first site to offer a free entry into the 2001 WSOP.

PokerSchool Online will offer up to $100,000 in student sponsorships to the 2002 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Student Sponsorships will also be available for other major poker tournaments. Scholarships are awarded within the school as well, based on various performance criteria.

When you enroll in Poker School you will learn how to play the games correctly and learn how to compete and win in tournaments in the real money world of poker. The games covered are limit, pot limit, and no-limit Texas Hold'em, and Omaha, as well as single-table satellites (24 x 7). 7 Card Stud and Ring Games are shortly to come.

Your education starts with weekly lessons posted on the site by some very well know instructors. Mike Caro "The mad genius of Poker" is PokerSchool Online's Dean. Plug

into his exclusive weekly audio lessons in the comfort of your own home. You'll find more instructional materials in his classroom. This includes books, tests, tips, strategies and much more! Other instructors include Nolan Dalla (Noted Columnist) and Lou Krieger (author of 'Poker for Dummies') and Mark Napolitano (visionary co-founder of PokerPages.com and himself a former European Poker Champion).

Daily tournaments and games are offered in the Poker School card room using their proprietary PokerPages software so the student can practice in live game situations. Each student is given an initial bankroll to use to buy into the tournaments. Additional money can be added to your bankroll by completing and passing tests based on the weekly lessons and by winning one of the online tournaments.

The Poker School lessons are not just for beginners. There are topics covered for advanced players as well. If you have any questions you can ask the Experts by e-mailing the instructors. You can also discuss topics with other students through the forum or in the chat room. Socialize with the friendliest poker community on the Internet. Where all levels of players from beginner to professional meet and help each other to improve.

The biggest advantage of PokerSchool Online is that you can learn, play and practice at your own pace. You are not risking a lot of money that it would cost you to get your education at the live tables. Unlike some of the play for fun sites you may have visited, I found that the players in the games on the poker school site were very serious about their play and most treated their cyber-bankroll as real money.

The cost of PokerSchool Online is nominal

: it is just $14.95 per month or $149.95 annually. You get all this for less than $3.00 per week: Lessons from top authorities in the poker industry, books online, audio lessons, hand analyses, tests, reference articles, practice play, league tournaments, and a chance to win entry into major national tournaments.

And there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free!

PokerSchool Online

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