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Turbo Poker Software
by Wilson Software

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If you want to learn how to play casino poker or improve your game, Wilson's Poker software is what you need. The best way to learn a new casino game is to practice on a computer at home before risking any money in the casino. In the past this worked well with games like blackjack where you are playing against a dealer following a set of rules for hitting or standing and video poker where there is a set mathematical strategy. Playing casino poker on the computer left a lot to be desired because in live poker you are playing against real people with unique personalities who play their hand differently.

Wilson software solved this problem by programming profiles and traits in each of the virtual opponents you will face when playing. There are numerous sets of line-ups of players you can choose from to challenge. Some of these mirrors aggressive, loose, low limit, moderate or tight playing styles. You can even program your own opponents with the traits and playing style of anyone you might meet in the poker room. In a real game, players bet, call, raise, re-raise, and fold based on the value of their hands, the cards showing on the table and their playing style. The computer players in Wilson's software act like real players and do this as well.

The Wilson poker software line includes:
Turbo Texas Hold'em
Turbo 7 Card Stud
Turbo Omaha High-Low Split
Turbo Stud 8/or Better
Tournament Texas Hold'em.

The two most common games for new players are 7-card Stud and limit Texas Hold'em. I have been using the programs for both these games. I'm impressed with the detail built into the software and the practical experience that I have gained since I started using the programs.

When you begin the program you can modify the game settings to set up the game to match any rules or betting limits you will find in the casino. There are several other options to choose table display, how the cards are dealt during play and when new players will be introduced along with sound and animation choices. After you set the options, hit the deal button and you are on your way to becoming a better player.

The biggest mistake a new player makes is playing too many hands. You have to learn which starting hands are worth playing and which ones you should fold. The most valuable feature in the program when you are learning is the advice button. When it is your turn you can click on advice and the program will advise you to fold, check, call or raise. For Hold'em this is based on your hand, position and the bets made before you. The advice for the Stud program looks at your stating cards as well as the cards on board. When you click the odds button you can find out what the odds are for improving your hand based on the cards on board.

After you have been playing with the use of the advisor you can test yourself by playing on your own. The programs have a built in analyzer that keeps track of all the hands played. When you click the "Stats" button you see statistical data for 12 different categories including play evaluation. Bar charts show if you have been playing too tight, too aggressive, too loose or too passive.

The Turbo 7 Card Stud program has an additional feature that allows you to challenge Rosetta Stone. You choose a 50, 100 or 200-hand challenge. The computer plays the hands quickly and stores the results. You then play the same hands and compare your results with the computer to see if you have won more or loss less than Rosetta, the computer player.

Poker is a game of skill. If you are serious about playing casino poker, the Wilson software programs will be a worthwhile investment. The more you practice at home the less mistakes you will make in a live game. The mistakes you DON'T make will translate into money in your pocket.

There are numerous features included in the programs that I do not have the space to detail. All the programs come with an extensive user's guide to help you get the most of the software. I suggest that you download the free demo programs and give them a try.

Free Demo

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