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Aw Craps IPhone Application - Craps for the iPhone
Learn to play craps on your iPhone. The Aw Craps application comes with a tutorial that will teach you everything you need to play Craps in the casino. Here is ...
Gambling Apps for the IPhone- IPhone Applications
The IPhone is like a mini computer and there are many gambling related applications that will let you play casino games. Some of them will even teach you to ...
Video Poker Application for IPhone - IWinPoker - Casino Gambling
The IWinPoker program for the IPhone is the best gambling related application that I have found to date. It will do almost everything the full computer version will  ...
iPhone Bathroom Applications - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Having trouble finding clean, usable restrooms while you're away from home? Try these mobile applications that can help you find a bathroom on your iPhone or ...
iPhone Applications for IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
These iPhone applications are made especially for people who have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Find out more about these iPhone applications for IBD.
Best iPhone Applications for Conservatives - Conservative Politics
The iPhone is a treasure trove of information, but the "App Store" through iTunes can be daunting. There are literally hundreds of applications, and it's tough to ...
The Best iPhone Apps for the SAT - Test Prep - About.com
The best iPhone apps for the SAT range from vocabulary help to math quizzes. Try them - you'll ... Now that's an iPhone application with heart. Manufacturer's ...
Job Search Apps - iPhone and iPad Apps for Job Seekers
Many iPhone applications are free. Before you buy an app, check for reviews in the iTunes store to make sure it's worth investing a few dollars. How to Find ...
Favorite Pregnancy and Baby Applications for the iPhone
Jun 10, 2009 ... I love my iPhone and the apps for pregnancy and babies are fun to play around with while I'm doing something. I'll also admit to my fair share of ...
How to Create an iPhone App - Overview - C / C++ / C - About.com
Apple have specifically excluded other types of application development systems or language interpreters such as Flash. If Flash existed on the iPhone, it's likely ...
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