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Two online sites are offering free online Elimination Blackjack tournaments. Because of the passage of the Internet Gaming Bill players from the United States are not able to wage real money so these sites let you play for free and compete for other prizes.

The first site is the official site of the (UBT) Ultimate Blackjack Tour. It offers Elimination Blackjack Tournaments only. Players can enter any one of the Sit n Go tournaments running around the clock for free and start playing for your chance to qualify for the main event. Each time you win a Sit n Go you receive a Tournament Entry Chip (TEC). You use the TEC to pay your way into one of the qualifiers for the main event. Winning the main event gets you a spot at the final table of the next UBT stop on TV.

The UBT site also offers occasional Freeroll Tournaments with prizes for making the final table. I’m sure the UBT site will be offering more promotions along the way but just the opportunity to win you way onto the TV final table is a big bonus. I like the 24 hour Sit n Go and have never had to wait more than a few minutes to get into a tournament. Download the software and start p[laying today.

Bet 21.Net
Bet21.net is the second site that is offering free online Elimination Tournaments. The original site is was Bet21.com that offered real money games and tournaments but they opened the .Net site after the Internet Gaming Bill was passed.

Along with the online tournaments this site offers side game where you can play regular Blackjack and add to your stack of Play money. Bet21.net also offers the free poker tournaments as well. The site ahs several promotions for the free Elimination Blackjack Tournaments including a chance to win your way to a Ultimate Blackjack Tour televised final table.

Good Practice
Playing on either the Play UBT site and the Bet21.net sites is a good way to try your hand at Elimination Blackjack tournaments and a way to practice a winning strategy. I started playing and have been having a great time and I am improving my play.

Until Next time remember:
Luck comes and goes.....Knowledge Stays Forever.

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