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Books are the best way to learn how to play casino games. Here are some of the recommended books about casino gambling and some book reviews.

'Twas The Night In The Casino

This is a parody of Clement Clarke Moore's "Night Before Christmas" with a gambling related theme.

Blackjack Blueprint

Blackjack Blueprint is not your average blackjack book. It will teach you how to think like learn the game with a different approach that gets you thinking like an advantage player. This book covers everything from basic strategy to card counting as well as other topics you should know to be a successful player

Million Dollar Video Poker

Million Dollar Video Poker is the auto biography of Bob Dancer a professional video poker player. He tells how he as won over million dollars playing this popular casio game.

Double of Nothing

Tim Poster and Tom Breitling started and sold a hotel reservation company which they sold for millions. The used that money to buy the legendary Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas and transformed it into a success and sold it for millions more. This is the story of their business success and their friendship.

Johnny Magic And the Card Shark Kids by David Kushner

This book is the story of Jon Finkel and his transformation from an overweight geek who was unmercifully picked on by bullies to his rise to the World Champion Magic player, card counter, poker champion and professional sports bettor. Here is my review.

God Doesn't Shoot Craps

Combine gambling, craps, and casinos with an action packed thriller then add in comedy, murder, love and spirituality and you get God Doesn't Shoot Craps. The book is fast paced and an easy read. If you like stories with a casino theme then you will love this book.

American Casino Guide

The American Casino Guide is the best available source for information on U.S. casinos. This comprehensive guide covers over 700 casinos in 36 different states. The guide has been published each year since 1992 and has grown as gambling has spread across the United States.

Play to Win: A World Champions Guide to Winning Blackjack Tournaments

Play to Win: A World Champion's Guide to Winning Blackjack Tournaments will teach you everything you need to get started competing in a blackjack tournaments. Here is my review.

Poker Tournament Books

Poker tournaments have become very popular and players can win millions of dollars by winning one event. Many novices are entering these events and if you learn the proper strategy and concepts of poker tournaments you can have a huge advantage over other them. Here are five poker books dealing exclusively with Tournament Strategy.

Top Craps Books

Craps is the most exciting game in the casino. It is also one of the most intimidating to new players. The game looks complicated but if you stick to the basics, it is an easy game to learn. These books will help you learn the basics for playing this exciting casino game.

Books for Canadian Gamblers

This site is for Canadians wishing to purchase gambling books without the added expense caused by conversion from Canadian to US currency.

Gamblers Book Shop

If you are looking for a gambling related book or need advice about a game you should look here first. This is the largest book store for gambling books

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