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Learning to Play Casino Games at Home

How to Learn


I am simply amazed at the amount of people I see at the casino who are willing to plunk down their hard earned money on games that they haven’t a clue how to play. The same people who will comparison shop, clip coupons or drive across town to save a few cents on a gallon of gas, will sit at a blackjack table and bet $25 a hand without knowing basic strategy. I often wonder why they don't bother to learn the game before they play.

There once was a time when visitors to the casino had limited resources available to help them learn to play the games. I started my casino education back in the “Stone Age”. It was somewhere around 10 BC. That’s BC ...as in Before Computers. I don’t mean that computers weren’t invented, (I’m not THAT old) however the personal computer was barely affordable and all of the software programs were business related. VCRs were also a luxury item (DVD’s were not invented) and movies were the main fare for those wishing to view at home. The self-help and educational tapes weren't being produced. That left a few books about gambling for those who wanted to learn how to play casino games.

When I first learned basic strategy for blackjack, I used hand-printed flashcards that I made. I would put the player's hand on one side and the rule for the hand on the other side. I would sit and practice for hours until I knew all the strategy rules by heart and could recite them instantly. It was very efficient, but also very boring. Things have changed drastically since those days.

Over the last few years with the rapid growth of personal computers, more and more gambling software has been developed. The software ranges from fun games with no educational value, to some really powerful training programs. Games that require strategy and decision making on the part of the player can be practiced at home with the use of the software programs. These games include Blackjack, Video Poker and live poker. Even software for games such as craps, and roulette can be helpful in teaching you the mechanics of the game. Now learning to play a casino game can be as easy as sitting down in front of your computer in the comfort of your own home. Well, almost.

Actually you will need a little more than software to learn to play a casino game. I recommend what I call the Three-Step approach to learning a casino game at home. The three steps for learning to play casino games are: reading, watching and practicing.

The Cost
How expensive is it to visit the casino and constantly lose money because you don't know how to play the game correctly? All education comes with a price. Getting your education betting real money at a gaming table can be a lot more expensive that the price of a book and software program. Many good gambling books cost less than twenty dollars. Videotapes and DVDs can cost you another thirty dollars. The price of tutorial software varies depending on the casino game and the sophistication of the program. There are good programs that range from thirty to a hundred dollars. You start can start learning at home for around $100. You will save this much money by playing correctly during future visits to the casino.

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