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Casino and Gambling Books

Learn to play casino games before you sit down to play. Reading books and playing with tutorial software can help you learn to play casino games correctly before you wager any real money.
  1. Casino History - Books (9)

'Be the King of Small Stakes Tournaments' By Mike Exinger
"Be the King of Small Stakes Tournaments" By Mike Exinger

'Optimal Strategy For Pai Gow Poker' by Stanford Wong - Book Review
Review of the book "Optimal Strategy For Pai Gow Poker" by Stanford Wong

'Slot Machines' by Marshall Fey - Book Review
Review of "Slot Machines" by Marshall Fey

'Dummy Up And Deal' by H. Lee Barnes - Book Review
H. Lee Barnes' "Dummy Up And Deal" is reviewed.

'Ultimate Roulette Killer' By Unknown - System Review
Review of the casino betting system "Ultimate Roulette Killer"

'The Slot Card Price Guide' By Pat Lamb and Steve Wells - Book Review
Pat Lamb and Steve Wells 8the Edition of 'The Slot Card Price Guide' is reviewed.

'Harrington on Hold'em' by Dan Harrington - Book Review Volume I
A review of Dan Harrington's book, 'Harrington on Hold'em' is presented.

Holy Rollers Movie
'Holy Rollers' a 2011 film about a team of Christian card-counters bent on beating the casinos at blackjack is reviewed.

'Beat The Dealer' by Edward O. Thorp - Book Review
Edward O. Thorp's book "Beat the Dealer" is reviewed

Casino and Gambling Books - Fiction
Casino and gambling novels.

2012 American Casino Guide
The 2012 American Casino Guide book is reviewed.

'Slots - Praying To The God Of Chance' by David V. Forrest M.D. - Book Review
The book "Slots - Praying to the God of chance" is reviewed.

All In - The Poker Movie
2012 movie "All In - The Poker Movie" is reviewed

'High-Low-Split Poker' by Ray Zee - Book Review
Book review of Ray Zee's High-Low-Split Poker.

Casino Journal
What you can expect to find in a copy of Casino Journal magazine

'The Championship Table' By Smith, McEvoy and Wheeler - Book Review
The World Series of Poker began in 1970 and this book tells the story of each tournament through 2007.

'Lose Your Shirt: Blackjack' by D. A. Cancilla - Book Review
A crazy look at the game of blackjack by funny-man author D. A. Cancilla.

'1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors' by By Glen Wiggy - Book Review
'1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors' by author Glen Wiggy is an entertaining look at casino blackjack.

'Indian Gaming' Magazine Review
Indian Gaming is a national magazine featuring Native American casino news

'Casino Collectible News' Magazine Review
Casino Collectibles News magazine comes out quarterly and features stories about old casino and their memorabilia.

'Hold'em Poker' by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth - Book Review
Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth is one of the all-time best instruction manuals for learning Texas Hold'em poker!

'The Players' Edited by Jack Sheehan - Book Review
Review of Jack Sheehan's book, "The Players - The Men Who Made Las Vegas"

Breaks Brains and Balls - The Story of Nevada's Fabulous Mustang Ranch
Joe Conforte's Mustang Ranch and his interactions with casinos and politics in Nevada

'Gambling 102' by Michael Shackleford - Book Review
Author Michael Shackleford's book, "Gambling 102" is reviewed.

'Global Gaming Business' Magazine Review
Global Gaming Business is a monthly magazine devoted to the casino industry across the globe.

'ABC's of Craps' by Mike Exinger - Book Review
How to play craps is the basis of Mike Exinger's new book, The ABC's of Craps. The book is reviewed by Casino Gaming Expert Al Moe.

What's Inside
Automatic Pleasures,a book on the history of coin and slot machines by Nic Costa is reviewed.

The Penny Machine Picture Book
The illustrated book, 'The Penny Machine Picture Book' by Nic Costa, is reviewed.

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