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Controlling Your Cash


Money management covers a wide variety of subjects. These sections will show you how to manage your gambling bankroll, learn about casino comps, and get the most for your dollar with advice on travel and product reviews.
  1. Money Management
  2. Casino Comps
  3. Travel
  4. Gambling Books

Money Management

Your gambling bankroll depends on how disciplined you are when you play the games. Here is some practical advice to help you manage your money when you visit the casino.

Casino Comps

The word comp is short for complimentary. Comps are freebies that the casino gives to its customers as a reward for their business. It is a way to promote good will and to entice player loyalty to the establishment. The comp game is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the casino experience.


Managing your gambling bankroll and playing smart are not the only ways to stretch your entertainment dollars. For many players the expense of traveling to and staying at the casino will exceed the amount of money they spend on gambling. Here are some tips and advice to use when traveling.

Gambling Books

Learning all you can about a casino game is not difficult because there is a wealth of good books available. Knowing how to play the games properly can help you win more or lose less. There are also many casino-related novels and biographies that are entertaining to read. Learn more about the most helpful strategy books and entertaining gambling novels on the market.

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