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Breaking My Rule


Anyone who has read some of my past columns that I strive to be a smart, disciplined player. Many of my columns deal with money management and being a responsible player who makes the best decisions in the casino. My columns are not just ideas that I write about once a week. I honestly practice what I preach. However, I am only human and sometimes I make the mistake of not following my own advice and deviating from my own personal rules. Since I also preach about being honest with yourself when you make a mistake, I thought I would go a step further and share with you my recent experience.

A Losing Day
Last week I went to the casino and I lost money. Alright, I know what you are thinking; what’s the big deal, we all lose money at the casino? Well the problem was I knew that I was going to lose money and I went anyways.

Now I am not claiming that I am psychic or have any mystical powers, but I did discover something several years ago that seemed to reoccur on a regular basis. Sometimes on the morning I was supposed to visit the casino I got up and just didn’t feel like going. I may have had other things I could be doing or I just didn’t feel like make the drive for one reason or another. Some days I did stay home but on other days I convinced myself that I should go. On these days it seem like I had more losing sessions than on other days when I was really excited about going to the casino.

After awhile I made a rule for myself that I would not go to the casino if I was not one hundred percent certain that I really wanted to go. The times I disobeyed this rule I usually had a losing day. I think that deep down I just may know that I am not feeling 100 percent on any given day and will not be functioning at my peak performance.

Biorhythms or Intuition
We all have days when we feel better and perform better than other days. Some people attribute this to an inner cycle they call biorhythms. According to biorhythm theory, our lives are affected by three primary cycles: Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. The cycles start at a middle point at birth, and then go up and down from this point at different rates over our lifetimes. I don’t get up each morning and check my biorhythms but I do know that some days I feel better than others physically and some days I am more creative that others.

We all get those intuitive feelings from time to time and whether you attribute them to your inner cycles or some unseen outside influence that your brain subconsciously evaluates it is sometimes best to listen to them.

Breaking My Rule
Now I am not saying that my losses at the casino are directly related to biorhythms or any other psychic phenomenon. I am not really superstitious and for all I know they could just be a self fulfilling prophecy that seems to take place when I get this feeling. What I do know is that I made a rule for myself that I would not go to the casino when I was the least bit hesitant about going and I broke it.

The last week I planned a trip to the casino. When I got up in the morning I just didn’t feel like going. I sat there debating and then finally decided to take the ride breaking my rule about going even though I didn’t feel that excited. The results were terrible. The dealer kept beating me at the Blackjack tables and my session at the poker table was just as bad.

I am not upset about having a losing day at the casino as that happens many times. What I am upset about is losing the discipline to follow my own rule. But I will follow my other rule to be honest with myself (and you my readers), admit my mistake and try to do better in the future. What’s that saying?

To err is human….. and Until Next time remember:
Luck comes and goes.....Knowledge Stays Forever.

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