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Betting Roulette Outside Bets


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How to BetRoulette Outside Numbers
 Betting Roulette Outside Bets
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Roulette is the oldest table game in the casino. It originated in France and the modern layout as we know it today was developed around 1842. Roulette tables have two betting areas. The inside betting area contains the individual numbers on the layout. The outside betting area has boxes for the columns, red/black and odd/even and different groups of numbers. Before you start read How to Play Roulette to understand the game.

The Outside betting area is where you make bets on groups of numbers as well as Red/Black and Odd/Even. The following tutorial will show you the different outside bets you can make. The house edge on the outside bets are 5.26 for games using the double zero wheel. You cannot combine outside bets with inside bets to meet the table minimum. If the table minimum is five dollars you must make five dollars worth of outside bets. You could not bet three dollars on the outside and two dollars on the inside.

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