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Double Action Roulette


Photo Courtesy (TCSJOHNHUXLEY)

Double Action Roulette

Photo Courtesy (TCSJOHNHUXLEY)

TCSJOHNHUXLEY recently introduced Double Action Roulette to its casino buyers and interest is very high. The specialized Mark VII roulette wheel offers players a unique variation to the traditional game of roulette – specifically, two winning numbers on a single spin of the ball!

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and while the game of blackjack has seen many new bonus bets and add-ons over the past ten years, roulette has stayed steady with a traditional wheel going back hundreds of years. Now, however, there is something new for players to truly be excited about.

How to Play

Playing the new game is exciting because players can wager on numbers spinning on one of two layouts, each corresponding to the outer and inner ring. There are no complicated rules or changes other than some new bets that offer higher payoffs, as well as all the traditional bets players know by heart, so you don't have to learn how to play roulette all over again.

The new wheels can be used on any standard roulette table and offer two sets of numbers: a standard ring of ball slots, and an inner ring with numbers situated in opposing order – so a single spin marks two numbers. To accommodate both sets of numbers, a lighted layout offers section “A” bets like a traditional wheel layout, as well as section “B” bets for the inner ring. The new game also offers a new selection of bets with higher payouts.

1200-1 Possible Payoff

The Double Action Track around the front of the table offers new bets such as a 7-number wager that pays 25-1 on a single zero wheel and an 8-number wager that pays 18-1 on a zero and double zero wheel.

Another new bet is on both numbers being odd or even, red or black, or any two 1-18 or 19-36. These bets pay 3-1. Any two columns or dozens pay 8-1. The topper is a bet on two identical numbers appearing, which pays a staggering 1200 to 1. Now that’s something to get excited about!

The Layout

The layout may look a bit strange after seeing a standard roulette table for your entire life, but really it’s just the same layout doubled. The illuminated playing surface isn’t like the old hard0plastic light-up tables . According to TCSJOHNHUXLEY, this new technology uses an advanced Electroluminescent technology - a cold light source that is paper thin.

When the ball lands, the winning numbers are displayed on an upright reader board, as well as illuminated across the layout, so every player can see which bets are winners. And, dealers will be less likely to make errors even though they have two separate layouts to clear.

Because of the lights, dealers should have no problem adapting to the new game. As with standard roulette, the Dealer spins the ball and allows players to continue making wagers until approximately three revolutions before the ball drops. At that point the dealer will announce “No more bets,” and wave-off the players. All Double Action™ bets (1200 to 1) should be announced to the inspectors or floor staff.

After the numbers light up, the dealer will note both winning numbers with markers and move any Double Action™ bets to the rim of the wheel. The Double Action Track is swept, then section “B” farthest from the wheel, and then section “A” in traditional roulette manner. No other changes are made to the game or dealing procedures.

Electronic Version

In addition to the live table version, there is also an electronic terminal version with Novo Unity II, so properties that offer gaming to many players on their own terminal screens with a centralized wheel and one or two dealers will also be able to offer the game.

The idea of having many players with their own layouts and a single wheel isn’t new. In fact, Harold’s Club in Reno opened their doors with just such a setup. They offered seating for up to 35 players with a huge “Flasher Wheel” shown to all players with a bank of mirrors.

This new version with the Double Action bets can accommodate up to 100 individual terminals. The game isn’t available in all jurisdictions, as any new game must first be field-tested and then approved by local gaming boards, but eventually Double Action Roulette will be found in many locations. If you don’t see it, ask for it!

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