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Earn Money Playing Slots


I think certain camaraderie develops amongst casino players. If you have any doubts about this just listen to a craps table when a shooter is having a hot roll or take a look at a blackjack table when the dealer busts. You will see players slapping each other high-fives.

What is the cause of this camaraderie? I think part of it is brought about by the feeling of it’s "Us against them" that the players adopt when they enter the casino. We all know the casino has the edge but we want to battle them for the money. The players take on the roll of under dog and that is why we cheer each other on when we get the best of the situation.

I like to win and I like to see other players win. That is why I write this column to pass along information that I think will help other players win. What I won't do is offer unsolicited advice to players in the casino. I would never tell anyone how to play a hand of blackjack or correct them when they make a mistake in basic strategy. I won't tell a player what to hold when playing video poker.

However there are some times if I see a player essentially giving away money, I will question whether they are aware of what they are doing. This happens when I see a player not using a player's card in the machines. I will always mention something to a player when they are in a casino that offers cashback to slot and video poker players.

During one of my trips to Las Vegas I was playing at a casino with a very generous Player’s Club. They have a cash back program where players earn $5 for every two hundred points on their player's card. Every $5 played thought the machine earns one point so it works out to .05% cash back.

I saw a young lady playing a slot machine who was not using a player's card. I asked if she was aware that the Four Queens offered cash back. She said she was aware of it but did not use her card because she always lost when she used it. She went on to tell me that her brother's friend told her that the casino offers cash back because they pay back less when you use a player's card.

I explained that the card reader had no connection to the random number generator that selected the winning combinations on the reel. She asked me how I could be sure. I introduced myself and told her that I had spoken to many slot makers and was familiar with the inner workings of the slot machine. I assured her that her brother's friend was misinformed and she was giving away money she had EARNED by not using her card.

She thought about this for a minute and then excitedly said, "I see! So the casino will pay me money to play the slots."

I said, "That's one way to look at it."

She got up and headed for the player's club booth to sign up for a card. Any time you play slots in a casino that offers a cashback you are literally throwing away money by not using you player's card. Make sure you use your card. We can all use a little extra cash back when we play.

Until Next time remember:
Luck comes and goes.....Knowledge Stays Forever.

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