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How to Play Ultimate X Video Poker


Photo Courtesy (IGT)

Ultimate X Video Poker By: IGT

Photo Courtesy (IGT)

For slot machine players, there's nothing better than getting to the bonus screen, and for multi-hand video poker players, there's nothing better than being dealt a big hand like a full house or four-of-a-kind, until now. Now there's Ultimate X Video Poker, which is a conventional multi-hand video poker game with an option to the bonus feature available on 3-play, 5-play, and 10-play video poker.

Basis of the Game

The basis of the game is that the player bets 10-coins per line instead of 5-coins per line in order to gain a higher payout on future hands. That does not help on the first play, but anytime a winning combination is made, the next hand will have a higher payout if a winning combination is made. Obviously the first concern here is that the player is betting much more than usual (double), and this will have a huge impact on their bankroll.

Before giving this game feature a go, consider that this game will have a much quicker ride - consider it a roller coaster compared to a merry-go-round, and it's taking your bankroll up some climbs, but also down, down, down during any streak of bad hands.

Slot manufacturer IGT makes a total of 26 different styles of Ultimate X (from Jack's or Better, to Joker Poker - and with different payouts). Looking at a Double Double Bonus Poker table with a 9/5 payout (9 coins for a full house per coin bet and 5 coins for a flush per coin bet) the game has a very high payout of 98.36 percent.

That's quite appetizing, and the game is a lot of fun to play. Keep in mind that as with all video poker games, those high payouts are only achieved with perfect play, and of course they include your royal flush hits, which can be few and far between, stretching your money management skills to bursting (or deflating, as the case may be).

Multiplier Examples

The multiplier is always 2X (pays double) for big hits, all hands above a full house. Remember, that's the next hand, not the current one. As for lower hands, on that double double game, the multiplier earned is:

  • Jacks or Better 2X
  • Two Pair 3X
  • Three of a Kind 4X
  • Straight 8X
  • Flush 10X
  • Full House 12X

As an example, if you get a pair that usually pays even-money, but had a three-of-a-kind on that line the last hand, the multiplier will be 4X and instead of getting 5 coins back you'll get 20 coins. Obviously you are looking to follow a good hand with a killer hand, like a flush giving you a 10X multiplier with a full-house that will now pay 450 coins, instead of the usual 45. If you want to dream larger, think about what happens when you hit a 4-of-a-kind or a royal with a multiplier!

If you are lucky, you'll find a machine with multipliers still on it! That's a nice start for your session. On the other hand, make sure you have enough bankroll left to not be the one who has to leave those beautiful multipliers on the screen. That said, don't also get into the habit of putting more cash into your machine just because there is a 2X on screen. If you do, you're likely to play more than you were expecting. Ultimately you are walking the tightrope here between getting good odds and betting too much.

Optimal strategy should always be used at video poker, but when playing multiple hands, any errors are multiplied greatly. At the same time, with Ultimate X, errors will also be multiplied because the player is wagering 10 coins per line instead of the standard 5. Play wisely!

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