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Reel Deal Casino High Roller

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 Reel Deal Casino High Roller

Casino High Roller

The Bottom Line

Reel Deal Casino High Roller offers more casino games than any other single software program. There are 26 table games, 7 poker games 10 slot games plus video poker. You can play all the games in single player mode or play online to earn prizes. The program is very affordable and well worth the money even if you only use the offline single player mode. I did decide that the online subscription was not for me. It is not that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience but to get the full value of the monthly charge would require me to devote more time to playing than I can afford to do.
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  • Play table games, slots, video poker and live poker
  • Play online or in single player mode
  • Sharp Graphics
  • Good Sound
  • Available for Macs


  • Need windows 2000 or higher


  • Choose from 26 different table games
  • 5 different video poker games.
  • Play Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud or Draw Poker
  • Play in single player mode or online with other players.
  • Online play allows you to enter tournaments to compete for prizes
  • Earn point for merchandise with onlie subscription

Guide Review - Reel Deal Casino High Roller

Phantom EFX Reel Deal Casino High Roller is the latest program in their interactive series. It was released along with the new Mystic Forest Slot program (sold separately). Players can play each program separately or join them together when they play online. Those players with the previous Deal Vegas and Real Deal Slot programs can combine all four programs online if they choose to use the interactive online play. Each program is a different floor of the casino.

The Cost
In order to earn points for merchandise when you play online you must pay a subscription fee. The Real Deal High Roller program does let you create a FREE online account that will allow you to play the games and chat with other players but you will not be able to earn points.

The subscription price varies depending upon your payment options. It is $9.99 a month if you play monthly, $8.99 a month if you pay quarterly or $7.99 a month if you pay yearly. When you purchase the program you will receive the first month free to try it out. You will have to supply a credit card number when you sign up. If you decide not to continue you will need to cancel in the before the end of the first month to avoid any charges. Once you cancel it will be immediate so you might want to make sure you use your full free month.

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