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Where Have all the Old Video Poker Games Gone?

By January 31, 2013

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There are so many slot manufacturers like WMS, IGT, Konami, and many others, that the plethora of new games is almost overwhelming. I miss the older video poker games. Even the early games with terrible odds that had both high hand and low ball games on them. Eventually (yeah, like about a million other people) I moved on to triple play. I try every new game that comes out, and fortunately or unfortunately, I was dealt a four-of-a-kind on the second or third had I played on a triple play machine and I was hooked.

I still play some single-line Joker Poker and Deuces Wild on progressive banks when the jackpots get high enough and I can still get a seat, but I'm also warming up to some other games like Ultimate X Video Poker. I have one of those beginner's luck stories with that game too, as I managed to hit four deuces on the Deuces Wild game after just a few minutes of play, so again, I was already probably hooked, but then I got a 4x line and hit four deuces again! That kind of luck always makes for a good evening.

The drawback to playing Ultimate X is that you are betting twice as much as you usually do, and your bankroll can get whacked pretty quick. However, as my case proves, sometimes you just get lucky. I was also pretty lucky on "Dream Card," where the machine randomly gives you the perfect card as your fifth, before the draw. That game is pretty cool when you are running good, but again, your paying extra and hoping to have something big hit. I had a big night with the dream card while hitting two royals, but my luck has definitely gone the other way since then and every dream has been a nightmare!

Have you got a favorite video poker game or a bank of games at a favorite casino? Let me know, I'll compare notes - maybe we've been feeding the same games! Maybe we should let the other readers know where some good old game still exist!


February 12, 2013 at 12:32 pm
(1) Terrence "VP Pappy" Murphy says:

The only VP game that I can’t find anymore (although it’s still around, here and there) is “full-pay” Pick’Em Poker. Here in Detroit, the pay scale has been down graded to 98.7 % to what I call PPPPoker (Piss Poor) Pick’Em Poker.)

Terrence “VP Pappy” Murphy

“My favorite video poker game is 9 or 6 Jack Daniel’s or better.”
–VP Papopy

“The frustrating thing about video poker is; once you learn the correct strategies for all the games, there’s nothing left to learn.”
–VP Pappy

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