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Table Game Etiquette


Slots and Video Poker can be fun but it is a solitary adventure. Table games are exciting and they also give you the chance to interact and share the excitement with fellow players. Other than live poker, it’s the players against the house while playing table games and camaraderie exists among the players. It is easier than ever to learn to play the table games.

There are many great books that will teach you the basic rules. Once you know the rules games can be practiced on the computer with Tutorial Software before you take your step into the casino. Some casinos offer free lessons that will teach you the basics of the games as well as some of the basic table game etiquette for each game. If you don’t have the opportunity to take a lesson there are only a few things you need to learn before jumping in to the action. Here are a few tips on Table Game Etiquette.

Table Limits
All table games have a placard located somewhere on the table that will tell you the minimum and maximum bets. At the blackjack table you will sometimes see rules for the games such as splitting aces or double after split posted in the card as well. The card on craps tables can list the amount of the odds bet you are allowed. Some placards are color-coded corresponding to the denomination of chips to alert you to the table limit. Five-dollar tables will have a red card and $25 tables will have a green card. Always look for these before sitting down.

Joining the Game
At the Blackjack table, look for an empty betting square. Sometimes players play more than one hand so an empty chair does not always mean there is an open space. For craps, look for an empty space on the rail and belly up to the table. If you see and empty chair at most other games it means there is room for you.

Buying In
You must convert your cash into chips when you play table games. Dealers are not allowed to take cash directly from your hands. You must put your money on the table and ask for change or chips. They will take your money and give you your chips. Wait for the hand being played to be over before buying in. If you’re playing craps wait until the shooter has rolled the dice. Never put your money on the table in the middle of a throw. Roulette tables use special chips for that table only. When you buy in you tell the dealer what denomination chip you want. Roulette chips must be cashed in at the table where you are playing. They are converted to casino chips. All casino chips are converted back to cash at the cage.

General Tips
Blackjack players must give a hand signal to hit or stand when playing a shoe game.
Craps players should avoid leaning over or placing your hands in the table area when the shooter is rolling the dice.
Keep your emotions under control. Dealers are only the messengers. If you are losing don’t take it out on them.
Avoid giving unsolicited advice to others.
If you become upset with the play of others, leave the table.
Set loss limits and stick to them. Set aside some of your profits when winning to take with you.
Quit when you get tired.
Have fun but remember Chips are real Money.
Always give your players card to the floor person or ask them to rate your play.
Never play higher stakes or longer than usual to qualify for comps.
ASK the floor person for a meal comp. They will let you know if you qualify.
Ask politely never demand.
These tips will help to get your started enjoying some of most popular table games. Give it a try. Its fun and exciting.

Until next time, remember:
"Luck comes and goes...Knowledge Stays Forever!"

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