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Roulette Tips

Gayle Mitchell's Casino Players Workshop & Seminars is pleased to introduce a new line of handy, pocket-size Casino Gambling Tips Booklets that you can take to any casino for a fast-track education. Five titles have been released containing 101 Tips each on casino gaming in general, slots, video poker and getting comps from casinos. Also Roulette Made Easier.

Following is excerpt from booklet: Roulette Made Easier.


Roulette: one of my favorite table games; the third most popular casino game worldwide, after slots and video poker. In Casino Gambling Made Easier books; roulette with double zeros was not considered a best bet at 5.26%, well above the 3% allowed to make the best bet list; however, a single zero wheel at 2.63% certainly qualifies.

Warning: the five number bet of 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 blasts that 5.26% out of the house with an edge of 7.89%---don't do it!


Single zero positioned between black 26 and red 32. The best roulette wheel reduces the casino advantage to an acceptable 2.63%. Another advantage is en prison rule on even-money bets. When the 0 comes up, your bet remains or is captured for the next spin. If you win on the next spin, you don't get paid for the win, but you are allowed to take your original bet back; in effect, only losing half your bet. House edge on even money bets with en prison rule and single zero is now reduced to 1.35%.

Now you know why roulette is the most popular casino table game internationally. More Casino Gambling Made Easier offers a Worldwide Casino Travelogue listing single-zero roulette games globally.

You'll find 'en prison' rule at Atlantic City casinos. Most popular roulette number is 18.

The intelligent player makes a series of predetermined bets rather than betting "all over the table"; be consistent in your betting system.

My favorite system: Place red or black bet with corresponding column bets to cover 26 numbers as follows: Black bet covers all eighteen black numbers - also bet Column 3 under #36 for eight (most) red numbers. Red bet covers all 18 red numbers: also bet Column 2 under #35 for eight (most) black numbers.

As of this writing, Monte Carlo, MGM Grand, Reserve, and Stratosphere in Vegas offer the single zero table. Harrah's East Chicago, Indiana and Grand Casino Tunica, Ms. are others in U.S. These tables will raise the minimum bets for this preferred option; requiring a larger bankroll.

There are five other proven systems in the booklet Roulette Made Easier. Keep spinning those wheels for profits and don't forget progressive betting after each win.

Gayle Mitchell: author/publisher. Casino Players Workshop & Seminars
Casino Gambling Made Easier Books, Booklets & Strategy Cards
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