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Video Poker Tips

Gayle Mitchell's Casino Players Workshop & Seminars is pleased to introduce a new line of handy, pocket-size Casino Gambling Tips Booklets that you can take to any casino for a fast-track education. Five titles have been released containing 101 Tips each on casino gaming in general, slots, video poker and getting comps from casinos. Also Roulette Made Easier.

Following are 25 tips from 101 Video Poker Tips booklet.


1) Change paper money into coinage and carry with you in a bucket to judge your bankroll.
2) How much do you bet for each max. hand? Multiply denomination by 5.
3) Play nickels to stretch your gambling bucks.
4) Ask change people: "where do the employees play video poker" to find full-pay VP's.
5) Learn how to read pay schedules; know the difference between full-pay and short-pay.
6) Learn optimum strategy for each VP version.


7) Best full-pay: 9 coins for full-house, 6 coins for a flush as designated under one coin line.
8) Pay-out with optimum play: 99.5%
9) 8/5 Jacks+ pay 8 coins for full-house and 5 coins for a flush: 5% less payout than 9/6's.
10) Casinos hold 2% more money on VP's, because players do not play maximum coins.
12) Ace is not the most important card, KQJ are: easier to make a Straight or Royal Flush.
13) Don't keep a kicker with a high pair.
14) Jacks+ recommended for novice players or limited bankrolls, especially nickel VP's.


15) Play 10/7 Bonus VP full-pay, 2 pair pays 2, best version.
16) Don't play progressives unless jackpot is high and ready to hit.
17) Look for 4/kind high secondary jackpots too.
18) Progressives require a larger bankroll.


19) Play 9/5 Deuces Wild VP full-pay: 9 coins for Straight Flush and 5 coins for 4/kind.
20) Almost 20% of the time you will toss all five cards.


21) Play 7/5: 7 coins for a full-house and 5 coins for a flush, Kings + = full pay Jokers Wild.
22) Go for a Straight Flush when possible for the higher return with a wild card.


23) Worst VP payouts: Deuces/Jokers Wild versions, high jackpot but too expensive.
24) If you don't play maximum coins on a VP quarter version, the return for hitting a Royal Flush is 250 coins = $67.50, but play nickels at max = 25¢ per hand and a Royal Flush pays 4000 coins = $200, better wager management play.
25) If you play internet video poker, make sure they are full-pay schedules or pass.

Video Poker is my favorite game and I have written Video Poker Made Easier for VP players that take this game seriously. Much more detailed information and accurate strategies for all the versions is presented: the easy way.

Gayle Mitchell: author/publisher.
Casino Gambling Made Easier Books, Booklets & Strategy Cards
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