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Man sues casinos after losing a million while drinking.

Last year two people sued the credit card companies after they lost money gambling online. I suppose it was only a matter of time before a suit was brought against a land-based casino. On January 12th the Las Vegas Sun reported that a California man is suing the Las Vegas Hilton and the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino claiming the casinos were at fault when they allowed him to gamble away over a million dollars when he was intoxicated.

In his suit Stephen Roel claims he had been a customer of the Las Vegas Hilton for 15 years and during a weekend in September the Hilton paid for his roundtrip airfare, food, beverages and lodging in exchange for his gambling at the casino. He is considered a skilled player and has a credit line of $50,000.

The lawsuit states that over the weekend of Sept 29th Roel was drinking heavily and after losing $117,000 the Hilton casino executives extended him an additional line of credit for $840,000 despite the fact that the executives should have known he was drunk.

The suit also claims that someone at the Mandalay Bay arranged for Raol to stay there the same weekend. He was extended a credit line of over $100,000 despite the fact that he was drunk. It is claimed that the executives continued to give him credit after his wife and sister flew in and asked them not to accept his bets. Television station Channel 2 in California has reproted that Mr Raol has entered a treatment center since that weekend and is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, recovery of the money he bet that weekend and forgiveness of the debts.

Neither casino would comment on the pending lawsuit.

Is this a case of Stephen Raol shunning personal responsibility or is the casino at fault for extending his credit limit when he was drinking?

What do you think?

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