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Casino Jobs

Casinos are being built all over the world and new workers are in demand. New and existing casinos are hiring experienced and break-in dealers, slot personnel and player's club attendants. What jobs are available, what they pay and what to expect is covered.

Casino Pit Boss - What a Pit Boss Does
Details of the many duties a casino pit boss has.

Coin Loader - What a Casino Coin Loader Does
A casino coin loader works with the hard count team, learn more here.

What a Casino Concierge Host Does
Description of what a casino concierge host job requires

Casino Jobs
What casino jobs are all about.

What a Casino Pit Clerk Does
Entry level casino job of pit clerk is described.

Getting a Casino Job
Getting a job in a casino might be a great move for you!

To Ten Reasons To Be A Casino Dealer
Getting a job as a casino dealer may be just what you are looking for. If not, read some of the reasons it might be what you are looking for, from excellent pay and benefits to retirement plans and company benefits.

The Eye In The Sky
Casino jobs like surveillance, or the eye-in-the-sky are popular now.

Casino Cashier - What a Casino Cashier Does
All casinos need cashiers for a variety of reasons.

Casino Cocktail Waitresses Can Earn $100,000 Serving Drinks
What to expect if you seek a job as a cocktail server in a casino

How to Be a Great Blackjack Dealer
There is a lot of art to being a great blackjack dealer, but you can get a good start even before your deal your first hand.

How Free Casino Parties Work
Free casino parties are offered in most states for corporate events and social gatherings. Dealing positions often pay quite well.

Getting Paid to Play Poker
What you can expect if you work as a proposition poker player, and how to be successful.

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