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Casino History and Collectibles

Casinos have been around for hundreds of years. In the United States, legal and illegal casinos came and went until 1931 when Nevada became the first state to actually legalize "open gambling." The history of those early, legal casinos that lead to today's expansive mega-resorts is rich with colorful characters.
  1. Casino Collectibles (7)

Reno Casino Owner Bill Graham
Bill Graham was a successful, influential Reno casino owner from the 1920's until the 1950's.

Reno Casino Owner Jim McKay
Jim McKay and his life in gaming

Ken Uston - Professional Blackjack Player
A look at the life of professional blackjack player Ken Uston.

King's Castle Casino at Lake Tahoe
The King's Castle casino opened at Incline Village, Nevada in 1969 and has a colorful history discussed here.

The Original Hacienda Club
North Las Vegas' Hacienda Club opened in 1948.

Bank Club Reno
Photos from the Bank Club in Reno, Nevada - 1930's and 1940's

Harold's Club
The history of Harold's Club casino in Reno from 1935 to the 1990's with photos

Sahara Las Vegas Casino History
The history of the Sahara Las Vegas casino

Casino Reno - The Holiday
The history of the Holiday Casino in Reno, Nevada.

Nevada Casino Pioneer Bert Riddick
Nevada Casino Pioneer Bert Riddick and his impact on gaming.

Harrah's Reno Casino - History
Bill Harrah came to Reno in 1937 and opened his first casino.

Nevada Casino Pioneer Steve Pavlovich
Steve Pavlovich was a Nevada gaming pioneer who opened casinos in Ely, Tonopah, Goldfield, Weepah, and Reno.

Museum of Gaming History
The Museum of Gaming History has a new web presence.

Nevada Casino Pioneer Nick Abelman
Nevada Casino Pioneer Nick Abelman moved from Tonopah and opened casinos in Reno.

George Wingfield - Nevada Gaming Pioneer
George Wingfield was a Nevada Gaming Pioneer best known for his Riverside Hotel and the Riverside Bank.

Bill Harrah - Nevada Gaming Pioneer
Bill Harrah builds the world's largest casino company starting with a tiny club in Reno, Nevada

State Line Country Club
Lake Tahoe's State Line Country Club

SHFL entertainment - Shuffle Master
Shuffle Master, now SHFL entertainment, is the most successful proprietary table game supplier in the world.

Tropicana Hotel Casino Las Vegas
The Tropicana, built in 1957, is one of the last remaining Strip casinos that the Mob ran.

Vegas Casino History - Hotel Last Frontier
The Hotel Last Frontier was the first casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Using Your Casino's Concierge Service
Get freebies from your casino's concierge office at your local casino.

Coin Loader - What a Casino Coin Loader Does
A casino coin loader works with the hard count team, learn more here.

What a Casino Concierge Host Does
Description of what a casino concierge host job requires

Casino Jobs
How to find casino jobs and what they pay.

'Casino Collectible News' Magazine Review
Casino Collectibles News magazine comes out quarterly and features stories about old casino and their memorabilia.

Howard Hughes and Las Vegas
Las Vegas was slowly sinking in the eyes of America and the world when Howard Hughes came to town, bought seven casinos, and upgraded the image of the world's gaming mecca.

Liberty Bell - The First Slot Machine
The story of inventor Charles Fey and his Liberty Bell slot machine.

North Shore Club Casino at Lake Tahoe
The North Shore Club casino at Crystal Bay, Nevada started out as Capy Rix's and ran from 1948 until 1979.

Vegas Casino History - The Sands Hotel
The Sands casino in Las Vegas opened in 1952 and had a glorious run as a Mob-skimmed property.

Gambling in Virginia City, Nevada
What to do in historic Virginia City? How about seeing what a mining town of 100 years ago offered, with modern slots of today.

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