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WinPicks Sports Handicapping Software is a Winner

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The Bottom Line

The WinPicks software programs by MicroBrothers are the ultimate sports handicapping tools. There are four different programs that can be bought separately or you can buy all four at a discount price. The programs handicap games for Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball and College Basketball. These programs all work the same with minor differences from one to the other based on the sport. If you understand one you can use any of them. This is the most sophisticated and comprehensive sports handicapping program that I have tried to date. If you bet football or basketball this is the program you should try.


  • Predict sports winners staight u and against the spread.
  • Analyze past performance and trends.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stats are updated several times a day.
  • Analyze past performance and trends.


  • PC only - Not available for Mac


  • Download the free Demo program to try before buying.
  • Picks winners against the spread, straight up, totals and the program even has an option for selecting office pool winners.
  • Create your own formulas or download winning formulas from the Internet.
  • The program can fine tune and test your formulas against to be the most accurate.
  • Analyze any past trend. If you can think of an angle, any angle, WinPicks can check it out for you.
  • Platinum Picks lets you determine the best bets with the click of a mouse.
  • Use situation analysis to summarize many of the important trends that relate to a specific game.
  • The formulas can predict the total scores as well as how much a team should win by.
  • The formulas can predict the total scores as well as how much a team should win by.
  • Four proven formulas are included with WinPicks. Each of them picked better than 60% against the spread last season.

Guide Review - WinPicks Sports Handicapping Software is a Winner

WinPicks is the best sports handicapping program I have found. It uses several formulas, databases and past trends in predicting winner both straight up and against the spread. The stats used by the program to help you handicap the games are updated several times a day. You can be sure you are using the latest current information. Updating is as simple as opening the program and clicking the download stats from Internet link.

The database of information goes back several years for each sport. The Professional and College Football database go back to the 1985-86 season. The Pro Basketball goes back to the1990-91 season and the College Basketball database goes back to the 2000-2001 season. You can pull up the information for any game on any date in the database.

WinPicks also uses formulas to pick the games and pick the winning side. It predicts the winner (straight-up and against the point spread) and estimates the point total for every game. You can create your own or download additional formulas from the Internet. You can then fine tune them for maximum accuracy. Four formulas are included that beat the spread last season. Plus, each has picked the straight-up winner of well over 70% of all games correctly since the beginning of the 2000-2001 season. All formulas also predict the point total of every game (the over/under).

You can click a button to get a unanimous or majority consensus of all of the formulas you have selected. All versions of WinPicks generate a “Platinum Page” for each game. It uses your formulas, the past trends, and the straight up game records of the teams playing. Then it will tell you if the game is a no pick, a possible pick, a strong pick or a Platinum Pick. This is the fastest way to handicap a game and if you stick to only the Platinum Picks you will have a winning record.

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