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Roulette - How to Make Bets


If you just took a crash course in roulette, you know there are a lot of bets you can make at the table. Some have funny names or are distinguished by French names. There are certainly plenty of bets across a roulette layout, and you can learn them all and have fun with your croupier (dealer) by reading on!

There are also plenty of roulette strategies to play such as the Pivot system, but first you should learn some of the bets available on a roulette layout. To start with, let's remember that a US wheel has 38 pockets for the ball to fall into: a "0" - a "00" - and the numbers 1 through 36.

Inside Bets

Betting a Single Number

If you place a bet on any single number and the ball lands in the happy little pocket you choose, you win 35 chips for every chip you placed on the number.

Betting Two Numbers - Split Bets

However, you don't have to bet a number "straight up." Almost every place you can put a chip will be a bet along the grid of 38 spots. If you put your chip across the line covering two numbers, half the value of you chip is on each number. If either hits, you are paid 17 to 1. A $1 chip pays $17.

Betting Three Numbers - Street Bets

Sometimes called the basket, a chip the splits the "1", "2" and "0" - or the "0", "00" and "2" - or even the "00", "2" and "3" will cover three numbers and pay 11 to 1. A chip can also split three numbers across. These bets are called streets, such as "1" - "2" - "3" by placing a chip half on the "1" and half in the "1-12" section. In this case your bet is only on 1-3, it does not include a bet on the "1-12" section.

Betting Four Numbers - Corner or Square Bets

If you want to cover four numbers, such as "4" - "5" - "7" and "8" - you place your chip right in the middle of the four. This bet pays 8-1 when one of the four numbers is spun.

Betting Five Numbers - Top Line

You can cover five numbers with a single chip only on the Top Line, which covers "0" - "00" - "1" - "2" - and "3" - by placing your chip either at the corner of "0" and "1", or the corner of "00" and "3". This bet pays 6 - 1.

Betting Six Numbers - Split Line or Double Street

You can bet on six numbers (two streets), such as 1-6 by placing your chip between the "1" and the "4" and also half in the "1 -12" section. Again, you are only paid if 1-6 is spun.

Outside Bets Do Not Cover the "0" or "00" 1 to 18

This bet covers the first 18 numbers and pays even money.

19 to 36

This bet covers the second 18 numbers, 19 to 36, and pays even money.

Red or Black

These bets cover only red numbers or black numbers and pay even money. Like all outside bets, a spin of "0" or "00" loses.

Odd or Even

This bet covers either the nonzero even numbers or the nonzero odd numbers, and pays even money or 1-1 on a winning bet.

Dozen Bets

These bets cover either 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 and pay 2-1.

Column Bets

These bets cover each of the three vertical lines above the bet box (12 total numbers) and pays 2-1 when a number in the column is spun.

All bets on the roulette wheel have the same house or casino edge: 5.26 percent, except the Top Linebet, which pays has a casino edge of 7.89 percent.

Please Remember

Keep in mind that a roulette dealer is handling a lot of bets or action. Unlike blackjack where a table only seats six or seven players, many more players can squeeze around a roulette layout. Don't lean on the glass or get too pushy when you get to a game. As you approach a table the dealer will ask if you want a "color" which is a group of similarly colored checks (chips). These will be offered at the lowest chip value unless you specify otherwise. This means the chips may be 25 cents each or much higher. Don't be afraid to ask!

If it seems the dealer is ignoring you, that's probably not the case. They have to finish the spin, the chip clearing, and all the payoffs before handing out new colors. And, don't place your new bets before the dealer gets all the current winning bets paid!

Also, make sure you place your bets carefully, because other players bets are also covering numbers. Never toss your chips - if you can't reach a number, ask the dealer to place the bet for you. Once the dealer waves off - or says, "no more bets," then that is it, you'll have to wait until the next spin to place any additional bets.

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