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Casino Vacation Packages


Some players wonder if there is a way to get a room deal if they have never been to the casino before. When I am asked, I recommend that they look into a vacation package. A vacation package combines a casino room and airfare to give you savings on both. These packages sometimes include shows and other discounts to give you even more savings. In many cases you will be able to pick up a package for the price that you would pay for airfare alone. This is quite common for people traveling to Las Vegas or other gaming destinations. A little shopping around can save you a lot of money on your trip.

Great for First Time Players
If this is your first trip to a gaming destination such as Las Vegas I would recommend a package deal. This will allow you to visit different casinos. If you find a casino that prefer over the others, you can give them the majority of your play. You may start receiving offers in the mail for discounted rooms on future visits. Or you can ask to speak to a casino host and make arrangements to call them before your next visit.

Package vs. Casino Play
I am often asked if it is better to take a package deal or go to a casino and try to earn a room comp with play. This is entirely a personal decision that you must make. To help you decide, ask yourself these questions. What is the main purpose of your trip? Are you planning on spending the majority of your time playing the games, or are you planning other activities? The length of your trip should also be a consideration.

One advantage of a vacation package is that you are not obligated to give a casino a specified amount of play per day. If you plan to do a lot of "Casino Hopping:" or site seeing you will not be locked into playing at only one casino. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to get comped for the room because it is paid for in advance with your package. You can however still earn food and show comps.

Shop Around
Another good way to find package deals is to check with a travel agent, look in the Travel section of your local paper or search the Internet.There are many specials being offered all the time by different airlines on their websites and on Internet Travel sites such as Kayak.com. Be Flexible
To get the best deals you need to be flexible with your travel times. Plan to book your vacation during the week when the casinos are less busy. Weekends are always crowded and you will pay a premium price. Airfare is also much cheaper during the week which will lower the package price even more.

No Airfare Required
If you don’t require airfare, you can still save money on rooms. Sometimes, room deals can be found on the casino’s web site. If you have a particular casino where you want to stay, you can check their website for any specials. The more money you can save on your vacation plans will increase the money you can take on vacation with you.

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